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Aulas de inglês

Elaborate and advance your English language with professionals thoroughly prepared for your level of demand.

Project-based English classes.
Wherever you are. Whenever you need. (We are ONLINE) Professionals of excellence will be here for you.

Translation of Articles and Abstracts.

Professional English translations.

Transcriptions and subtitles


Aulas de inglês para negócios, metodologia Canvas aplicada ao ensino de línguas

Professor de inglês em Porto Alegre, aulas para profissionais: executivos e área da saúde

Aulas de inglês em Porto Alegre para profissionais: executivos e área da saúde

Aulas de inglês para médicos, presenciais em Porto Alegre ou via Skype

Aulas de inglês preparatórias para IELTS em Porto Alegre com alta taxa de aprovação

Aulas de inglês para TOEFL em Porto Alegre com alta taxa de aprovação


English Classes for Professionals 

Fluency in the English language is fundamental to your international career. 

We are here to guide you in your full development in the English language. Face-to-face or via Skype, within a methodology developed and tested worldwide by the American professor Stephen Krashen, a world reference in language acquisition, adapted in Project Models, where we apply excellent techniques and technologies for learning and performance analysis, ensuring high impact results.

We prepare professionals to achieve international prominence:

  • Negotiation in English

  • International careers

  • Lectures and Presentations at Congresses

  • Preparation for TOEFL and IELTS Certifications

  • Business Expansion: Companies and Clinics


English is the most important language for your international career. Design your learning project with us.


Using a Neurocognition methodology, based on the studies of the American professor Stephen Krashen, combined with the use of technology, we will assess your current status and define all the steps to reach your goal in a structure developed within the Project Management Canvas Model.


The working model uses the best teaching and learning practices, using videos, audios and applications that will help us manage your knowledge.

It is a unique teaching model applied in Brazil.

The studies on this method developed by Professor Krashen demonstrate its superior effectiveness in relation to traditional methods, based on a few grammatical studies.

However, this is a method that requires discipline and commitment on the part of the student. For this reason, we direct our work to professionals with a minimum intermediate level of English.

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If you want flexibility, we can take classes online.

When you need it.
Where you need it.

The most requested areas for targeted English classes:
  • Business

  • Medicine

  • Socials

  • Architecture

  • IT

  • Negociation

  • Culture

  • International Traveling

  • Behavior

Technical Translations

We are proud to work with some of the most renowned professionals in their fields in Brazil.

In the example above, we have an example of his video editing with subtitles already added, demonstrating the quality of the work we do.

Right below the video follows a testimony of one of our main customers. 

All of this to tell you that you, along with many renowned professionals and companies, can trust our team.

In addition to video translations, we work with Abstracts, Manuals and Transcripts for professionals in all areas.

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Alex Kunrath.jpg

"Professor Jonathan's team is an essential partner of our company.

We trust our translation and proofreading processes to the best in the market ".

- Alex Kunrath, IDAti Consultant

traduções de artigos técnicos

tradução de artigos técnicos

tradução de materiais médicos

tradução de artigo científico


Rafaela Piccoli

Oncologist Dr.

"The classes with teacher Jonathan are never boring. He can catch your attention even at 09:00 p.m. or 10:00 p.m. after a 24-hour shift. He masters the techniques of teaching ad preparing for your need in English such as: Travel, speeches, internships. It was completely worthwhile for me. I am not that kind of person who feels comfortable speaking in public, imagine in English. But I improved a lot after the classes. Thank you for your commitment and support teacher Jonathan."


Gustavo Resende Moura

Business Administrator (based in Portugal)

"When you are at war, the soldier that is shoulder to shoulder with you makes all the difference. Jonathan and I are in the same trench in this fight. Please, don't picture a bloody war, but a struggle of knowledge and ignorance, of employment and unemployment, of success and failure! I believe in Jonathan as a friend and as a professional in my daily challenges. Hemingway was right. Thanks, mate!"


Bruna Miers

Cardiologist M.D.

"I'm here to give a special thank you to my English teacher Jonathan! I have just finished my dissertation, one step closer to my master degree, and I actually wrote a part of it in English, all by myself! His classes really helped, so thank you very much! See you soon, I hope. Stay safe."


Danton Prestes

Computer Expert (based in Ireland-Dublin)

"Jonathan is gifted. He can teach any human being in this galaxy! The way he can use different techniques to make sure that you understood something is literally from another world. He can keep things as simple as possible and also walk you through the worst-case scenarios to help you to get more confident about what is already in your mind that you need to spit it out.
He’s classes are just as good as the person itself. He is amazing!"

rafael .jpg

Rafael Seitenfus

Oncologist Dr.

"Gostaria de deixar meu depoimento : Jonathan é um professor que traz a língua estrangeira
para a realidade do dia a dia. Dessa forma, o aprendizado se torna fácil e prazeroso!"


Pedro Luz

Secondary school student

"Jonathan is one of the best english teachers of Porto Alegre, the method of his classes helped
me a lot to improve my speaking skills!!!"

English Project Team Professionals

Professor de inglês para negócios

Professor de inglês para médicos

johny 3.jpg
Team Leader: Prof. Jonathan Guilherme,
Graduated in Literature in Brazil
Specialized and Certified in Europe and the United States

Whatsapp / Cel: + 55 51 993147964 

Skype: teacher.johnny


Prof. Jonathan Guilherme, leader of the English Project Team Brasil, has the following language-related qualifications: Language Degree in English Language and Literature from IPA (Brazil), Teaching Specialist from Grafton College (Ireland-England), certified as a Proficient Professor by The Liverpool School of English - TKT (England) and University of California in the Learning How to Learn - Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects course.

He currently develops English language teaching in a methodology based on the assumptions of Neurocognition applied to the Project Management Canvas Methodology, applying technology which assists learning. He is also a Visiting Professor at Unilasalle for teaching English to university students seeking TOEFL and IELTS certification.

Other courses and certifications:

- Thanks God It’s Friday with Oxford – Cruisenaire Rods 

- The Internet and ELT – Oxford University, England

- Learning English with fun –OXFORD, England

- 30th Longman Teacher Development Course –Longman 

- 31st Longman Teacher Development Course - Longman

- Syntax Terminology , Methodist University of Porto Alegre, Brazil

- Report Writing How to develop your writing- Methodist University of Porto Alegre, Brazil.

- Gioca e Impara (Italian language) How to teach Italian to Brazilians. Federal University of Rio Grande do sul, Brazil

- Course: English Books & How to analyse them. Federal University of Rio Grande do sul, Brazil.


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Translation Team

Guided by Professor Jonathan, a team of proficient English language professionals is available to help you with technical translations. For that, we have translators from the social, exact and health areas, so that we deliver the best technical and professional translation in Brazil.

In addition to highly qualified Brazilian professionals, we also have native reviewers, that is, natural reviewers in the United States and the United Kingdom.

All of this to always guarantee the best translations. They are made by the best professionals.

Contact us; we are ready to help you with our translation work!

Contact us

Thank you for contacting us!

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Jonathan Guilherme, Projects Team Leader

Whatsapp / Cel: + 55 51 993147964 

Skype: teacher.johnny


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